Take Your Taco Tuesday to The Next Level with Ground Pork Tacos

Jan 12, 2023 / MIN READ


It’s the day that you wait all week for…no, not Friday, it’s Taco Tuesday! One of the best things about the day, aside from the delicious food, is trying and testing new recipes. If you’re looking to boost your Taco Tuesday experience and turn it into a legendary weekly event, ground pork could be your best friend. Think of this as a guide to elevating your hosting prowess or even your family’s dining experience. Let’s get started!

Considering ground pork tacos for your next meal

Tacos are one of the most enduring meals that can transform depending on the occasion and your changing personal tastes. It’s the ideal dinner for the whole family because you can easily adjust the recipe depending on what each member likes without sacrificing taste or time. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something to like.

Despite the fact that ground beef is a more commonly used protein for tacos, ground pork is an alternative option that holds many benefits. It can have fewer calories than beef and can contain more healthy fats. If you’re cooking for your family, it can be easier to break down — making it the perfect protein for a hungry group of people.

Because of its fat content, ground pork is delicious and moist. It’s also extremely flavorful and takes on seasonings in a unique way that can really bring your Taco Tuesday to the next level. This is especially true when you use Hatfield® Recipe Essentials Ground Pork. For the busy chef who still wants to enjoy a fantastic taco dinner, there’s no better option. This ground pork is already pre-seasoned, taking away one extra step and making it quick and easy to cook up. With several different flavor options, Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot easier to prepare (without sacrificing any delicious flavor).

Ground pork is extremely versatile, and can be easily used for a family-style dinner or for a dinner get-together with friends. It’s all about the additional taco ingredients that compliment the star of the dish: the pork of course! Let’s get into the details of the many different ways to make ground pork tacos.

How to make pork tacos

When it comes to actually making ground pork tacos, there are some basic directions that will help you get started. Feel free to have fun and spice it up once you’re comfortable enough to play around with the ingredients. For now, here’s our tried and true pork taco recipe.

Recommended ingredients

Before you get started, find out where to buy your fresh ground pork.

Cooking the ground pork
The first step is to cook the ground pork. After finding the option that’s right for you, it’s time to cook the ground pork. You can do this using the stove or the oven, depending on your preference.

Cook using the stove:

  • Break up ground pork into desired amounts and add taco seasoning if not using Recipe Essentials. Over medium-high heat, sear pork in a pan. Cook the sausage until golden brown and cooked through.

Cook using the oven:

  • Preheat the oven to 350°F. Break up ground pork into desired amounts. In an oven-safe pan or tray, spread out the pork into an even layer. Bake in the oven until golden brown and cooked through.

Prepare your toppings
Now that the protein is simmering away and filling your home with those delicious Taco Tuesday aromas, it’s time to prepare the other ingredients. This part is simple and can be adjusted in accordance with your own preferences. For example, we recommended adding diced jalapenos, but you can disregard this if you prefer a more mild taco.

Best of all, you can adjust each individual taco to fit different tastes. Maybe your child doesn’t like onions, but your partner does. Tacos are the best way to cater to these differing tastes! Slice and dice your produce into the right size to put in your taco.

This can be a great interactive meal for children to feel connected to their own dinner. They can sprinkle on the cheese, lettuce and other toppings, making dinnertime a little more fun for everyone. Set out the toppings so that each person can assemble their own taco to their specific liking. You can also preload the taco shells with the protein and lay them out to make the process more simple.

Now it’s time to dig in and watch as your family and dinner guests have the best Taco Tuesday of their life. Okay, even if that’s a bit dramatic, everyone will be looking forward to next Tuesday to see what kind of taco will be on the menu.

Elevate your taco night with pork products from Hatfield®

Hatfield® is the best partner in your taco night festivities. Just look for our Recipe Essentials Ground Pork & Sausage with 80% Lean and 20% Fat. Here are some good options for the protein with the tacos:

  1. Recipe Essentials Chorizo Ground Sausage
  2. Recipe Essentials Ground Pork
  3. Recipe Essentials Country Ground Sausage

Now, you can focus on spending time with your friends or family instead of spending all your time trying to start from scratch. Our products focus on ease of use and can simplify Taco Tuesday without sacrificing any of the taste.

Toppings, sides and tips to consider along the way

Salsa and guacamole on a table with chipsToppings, sides and tips to consider along the way

As we already mentioned, there are endless ways to spice up your tacos with different toppings. We just offered a variation of the dish, but this is just one idea. For example, carnitas is a type of pork that is braised in oil or lard until tender. It makes a great protein that goes well with:

  • Garlic.
  • Cilantro.
  • Yellow onion.
  • Lime juice.

The carnitas are the star of the show, and these toppings just boost the delicious flavor.

If you have leftover pulled pork for the taco meat, this is a great chance to make pulled pork street tacos. The addition of pickled onion brings in another great flavor. Warm the pulled pork and prepare these classic toppings:

  • Cotija cheese.
  • Cilantro.
  • Pickled red onion.
  • Avocado.
  • Lime juice.

Cotija cheese is an aged Mexican cheese and comes from a town called Cotija, Michoacán.

Now that the main course is settled, it’s time to consider the best sides to compliment the tacos. Here are some of the best sides that can take your Taco Tuesday to the next level.

  1. Chips and dip: This is a classic appetizer that can be set out while the tacos are being prepared. Grab some tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole and you will be ready to go!
  2. Mexican Coleslaw: This is just like a regular side dish of coleslaw, except you will sub the mayo with a refreshing dash of vinaigrette.
  3. Spanish rice: Another classic combo, Spanish rice compliments tacos in the best way. Combine long grain rice with oil, tomato sauce, chicken broth and cumin for an ideal side.
  4. Refried beans: Whether you make your own refried beans or buy them premade from the store, this is another ideal choice to pair with tacos.

Taco Tuesday is always a hit, but it’s time to elevate the night with ground pork tacos and delicious sides to boot. Are you ready to prepare for the next Taco meal and impress your friends or family? Search for where to get your Hatfield® pork, and you will be well on your way.