Our Mascot

Meet Our Mascot

Smiley, our Hatfield mascot, was born in February 1987 — during National Meat Month!

Starting his days in a cozy barn, Smiley has lived in Hatfield, PA for most of his life. He’s widely beloved and best known for his contagious positivity and ongoing mission to make members of the community laugh and smile. Aside from knowing he was born for the job, Smiley is always satisfied in his line of work because he represents a strong community and great business.

Interests: When he’s not eating or sleeping on a bed of fresh, clean straw, you can likely find Smiley playing baseball or watching his favorite movie — “Babe.”

Fun fact: Smiley’s favorite characters are Porky Pig and Miss Piggy!





6 feet
6 inches



A Longstanding Tradition

Over the years, Smiley has become very close friends with the Phillie Phanatic, the official mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. He loves to attend Phillies games to not only see his buddy, but also to cheer on the team and interact with fans!

His favorite events throughout the baseball season are Hatfield Dollar Dog Nights — where friends and fans can purchase a delicious Hatfield hot dog for $1 and participate in a number of Dollar Dog activities throughout Citizens Bank Park. Fans go crazy for these games each year, enjoying thousands of our famous Hatfield hot dogs per game.

The Hot Dog Launcher

Have you ever seen a hot dog launched across the length of a football field? How about the upper deck? Talk about a memorable experience!

Making its first appearance in 1996, the Hatfield Hot Dog Launcher helps Smiley and the Phillie Phanatic send hot dogs into the crowd of hungry fans during the game. With the launcher, people become a part of the game and stay entertained between innings.

Take a look at the Hatfield Hot Dog Launcher for yourself!

Don’t forget to check out The Yard at Citizens Bank Park too! Just like the Phanatic on Hatfield Dollar Dog nights, kids can test their marksmanship by aiming at targets on the wall and sending foam-frankfurters soaring.

The kids always love seeing Smiley at the game. They run up to him, give him hugs and interact with him throughout Citizens Bank Park — with plenty of smiles to go around!

In the Community

Smiley may love a good nap or a great ball game, but his favorite thing to do is give back to the community and the children and families who live there.

How does he do this?

Smiley enjoys attending community events and activities from a wide variety of parades and supermarket grand openings to fundraising efforts and other community-related occasions. For example, he attended the 34th annual International Spring Festival. His joyful nature and funny antics help him bring cheerfulness to any event he attends.

Today, Smiley is a local celebrity! More than making appearances around the neighborhood, he’s become a cartoon character with his own coloring book and has even been featured in temporary tattoo designs. He was also the star of some of our past logos and branding materials.

He has been a part of our identity since the early days and a friend to the community from the start. You never know when you might see Smiley at an event near you!