Quick Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Dec 14, 2022 / MIN READ


When it comes to preparing the kiddos for the day, there’s nothing better than a nourishing breakfast to carry them through until the next meal. But we know how hectic mornings can be, especially now that school is back in session. Because of this, it’s helpful to have some quick go-to healthy breakfast recipes in your back pocket for those crazy mornings when you just need to get something in the kids’ tummies and have them out the door on time. And, no, this is not one of those recipe collections that claim to be easy, and then call for just “45 minutes of your time.” Now, let’s get into some quick breakfast ideas for kids.

Fueling kids for the school day with a great breakfast

The old cliche that breakfast is the most important meal of the day may have some merit, especially for children on their way to a big day of learning, playing and growing at school. Eating breakfast can set your child up for success, regardless of what the rest of the day holds. And this is not just an old wives tale, there’s science to back up the statement’s validity.

Even for adults, breakfast is extremely important. Having a meal in the morning can give your metabolism a bit of a boost. Without breakfast, your kid could hit a bit of a rut in the next few mornings. According to John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, “Choosing breakfast foods that are rich in whole grains, fiber, and protein while low in added sugar may boost kids’ attention span, concentration, and memory.”

Because the right breakfast foods have been proven to boost brain function, creating a well-balanced meal is valuable for a school-bound child. One study found that 62% of their sample group ate a good breakfast regularly. In addition, the researchers found that there’s a positive correlation between “breakfast intake and the students’ scores.”

The value of a morning meal is clear at this point, but it can seem hard to throw together something nutritious every single busy morning without a little guidance for a good breakfast idea. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a big hassle. You just need a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

With the right recipes, your kids can help make their quick breakfast idea come true, which will get them comfortable with using kitchen tools. Also, you can spend a little more quality time with them. Who doesn’t want a bit more bonding time with their kids? Hatfield has easy breakfast recipes & easy products to make that the kids can help with. Now, let’s get into some of our best simple, healthy breakfast ideas to prepare for school.

Back-to-school breakfast options

Not only should the ideal healthy breakfast idea require little preparation and be simple, but it should have nutritious value as well. You can speed up the morning routine by cooking some sausage links or bacon ahead of time and heating them with the rest of the healthy ingredients when you can. Hatfield has products that make this part even easier:

Get started by finding a place to buy Hatfield pork products. Here are some of our most simple school breakfasts:

Banana pancakes with sausage
One of our best tips is to pair any main course with a side of protein, like breakfast sausage. This pancake/sausage duo is a great example. Combine two large eggs, 1 ripe banana, and spices if desired. Cook on a griddle as you would a regular pancake.

Scrambled eggs and ham
This is another great breakfast option that can easily be made in batches ahead of time and reheated if you are truly crunched for time. You can use a leftover ham roast or you can use Hatfield Ham Steak. Either way, cut the ham into squares and combine with a scrambled egg. Pair with cut-up fruit, and suddenly you have a well-balanced breakfast for the kids!

Ham and Cheese French Toast
If you have a spare 30 minutes, this could be the perfect weekday breakfast. Between the ham, country bread and cheese, this is a morning meal that tastes as if it took far longer than it does. Check out the full breakfast recipe for all the details.

Oatmeal with a side of bacon
Oatmeal is a classic breakfast option that’s simple and easy to make when there are places to be in the morning. Add some bacon, and you have a great dish to carry the family through their busy day. While you may be picturing the old-school version of oatmeal, there are easy ways to spruce up the meal. Here are some toppings and additions that can bring oatmeal to the next level:

  • Berries.
  • Brown sugar.
  • Nuts.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Maple syrup.
A bowl of oatmeal topped with brown sugar and bananasOatmeal is a classic breakfast option that’s simple and easy to make.

Helpful tips and other considerations to keep in mind

When it comes to making your kids breakfast in the morning, some helpful tips can make the process much easier. As we mentioned earlier, meal prep could be your best friend. When you have a little more time to spare, prepare some of the more time-consuming portions of the breakfast. For example, you can make the bacon or sausage ahead of time.

Even the night or weekend before, prep can be simple when you go with Hatfield products for the protein portion of the meal. For example, you can cook our Recipe Essentials Ground Pork into breakfast patties in less than 20 minutes. This is ideal for a busy family and leaves more time to round up the kids for school.

Once the protein is sorted out, add a side and you’ll be good to go. Here are some quick overnight options that can pair well:

  • Overnight oats: This breakfast option can be made in many different varieties and be tailored to the preference of the children.
  • Precut fruit: You can’t go wrong with a little fruit when there’s not a lot of time in the mornings. From strawberries to apples and bananas, pre-cutting the fruit can make a huge difference in the quality of a healthy breakfast.
  • Granola: Add granola to your next grocery shopping list and even spice it up with additions. Consider customizing the granola with raisins, peanut butter, dried fruit or anything else that strikes your fancy. Add it to greek yogurt or a smoothie for an easy breakfast on the fly.
  • A muffin: Pre-making some muffins can make breakfast time even easier on a busy morning, and can be better tasting than toast.

Along with the food, no breakfast is complete without a drink to go with it. The old king of breakfast drinks still reigns supreme. However, don’t get tricked into buying unhealthy juices. From orange, grape or apple, there are always sugar-free options. Even a nice, cold glass of water can be a great addition to any breakfast in a pinch.

Elevate breakfast time with help from Hatfield

Breakfast time is the most important meal for children who are about to spend their day learning at school. But it can also be a whirlwind of alarm clocks, backpacks and making sure that everyone has their lunch. With help from Hatfield, breakfast doesn’t have to be a thrown-together affair with little nutrients. Because you can buy pork that comes pre-seasoned, you can save even more time and be sure that the result will be delicious.

Even the busiest of families can find a solution to their breakfast problems and bring it to the next level with Hatfield products. Get one step closer to the breakfast of your kids’ dreams by finding a Hatfield pork retailer near you.