Holidays with a Side of Ham

Dec 16, 2021 / MIN READ

The holiday season is officially in full swing! As we’re all gearing up to spend time with our family and loved ones, creating a delicious menu for get togethers can quickly become a bit of a challenge.

From finding times that work for everyone to finishing up last-minute gift shopping, cooking can all too easily fall to the wayside. Fortunately, ham steaks can be a perfect dish that will leave the whole family asking for seconds!

Read how to prep and serve your ham steaks for a great-tasting holiday meal.

How to prep your ham steaks

Step one: Pick up your favorite fully-cooked ham steaks. From there, the prep work couldn’t get much easier.

If you’re cooking on the stovetop, remove your ham from the packaging and score the meat about every two inches. Place it in a skillet sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, fry for two to three minutes on medium heat, flip it and repeat on the other side. If you’re not sure if your ham steak is ready, you should aim for an internal temperature of 140°F.

Is there limited room on the stovetop with all of your other holiday cooking going on? Not to worry, ham steaks can also be microwaved in just two minutes. Place your meal on a microwave-safe dish, cover with a lid or pieced plastic wrap and cook. That’s it!

If you’ve already flipped through the family cookbook and aren’t sure what to serve for your sides, keep on reading.

What to serve with ham steaks

Ham steaks aren’t just great because they’re easy to cook, but also they go with any of your family’s favorite side dishes. Some of our go-tos include:

  • Mashed potatoes: Not only do potatoes pair well with ham, but they can also be made ahead of time and reheated to cut down on cooking time the day of the meal.
  • Green bean casserole: It’s hardly the holiday season without a warm casserole dish. The cheesy sauce and crispy topping will bring your meal to the next level.
  • Veggies: Whether they’re steamed, boiled or broiled, any of your family’s favorite vegetables will be sure to bring some delicious flavor and added color to your holiday dish.

Ham steaks can come in a variety of flavors, so as you select your sides for your big family meal, feel free to experiment with the combinations you think will taste best. Some of our holiday favorites include maple, honey and sweet brown sugar.

Enjoy the holidays and a delicious meal

The holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones. If you find yourself spending more time watching the oven than enjoying their company year after year, ham steaks may just be the perfect solution. Plus, who knows — once you’ve picked your sides, you might just find you’ve stumbled into your family’s new favorite tradition.