Go Global with Pork

Nov 06, 2019 / MIN READ

Making pork chops or a ham sandwich? Why not take a culinary trip abroad instead? Pork’s flavor and versatility makes it perfect for all sorts of dishes; it’s why it’s the most eaten meat around the world. So add some international flair to your favorite Hatfield® pork dishes with these tasty recipe ideas. You’ll be creating your own globally inspired pork dishes in no time!

Pork Tenderloin and Filets

Pork bowls are easy to make but hard to put down. By combining rice with pork tenderloin or filets, you’re on your way to making Japanese butadon. This bowl consists of thinly sliced pork filets simmered in a sweet soy sauce for delicious umami results. It’s the perfect place to start your dive into global flavors.

Pork Ribs

In Malaysia and Singapore, cooks are using pork ribs as a flavoring in the rich herbal soup, bak kut teh. It ranges from peppery to sweet and is made with rib bones boiled on a stove in a broth of herbs and spices. In the Caribbean, Jamaican-style jerk ribs are on the menu and are made by marinating pork in jerk seasoning. Filipino diners, meanwhile, love deep-fried spare ribs. Simply marinateribs in an adobo sauce before deep frying to perfection.

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Pork Roasts

To keep the island theme going, why not try the classic Hawaiian luau dish, Kalua pig? Traditionally cooked underground with steam, you can cheat a bit and simmer your roast in a slow cooker. When it’s done, shred, serve with rice and you’re good to go!

Across the border, pork roasts often become Mexican carnitas and couldn’t be easier to make. Just braise or simmer pork in oil or lard and serve alone, in tacos or tortas.

The world is full of deliciously unique pork cuts cooked in ways you may have never imagined. Find your inspiration with global recipe ideas at recipes.