Gather around the table

Oct 28, 2021 / MIN READ

Whether you’re in charge of hosting the holiday meal or have been assigned a side or two, cooking for the whole family can often be intimidating. Not to worry: There’s an entire world of culinary delights waiting for you. Every country has its own equally delicious seasonal foods that can help you create a holiday your family is sure to remember.

Explore different traditions from around the world and find your new favorite dish to bring to your next family gathering.

Say bonjour to this French-Canadian pie

Originating in Quebec, tourtière is a meat pie traditionally served at Christmas time. Its ultra buttery crust is often filled with potatoes, onions and spiced mincemeat, making for a flavor combination that’s sure to warm you up from the inside out.

The types of meat used in this dish vary from region to region, however most recipes call for ground pork. Going with a plant-forward option that features mushrooms can also pair well with the traditional tourtière flavors. Aside from the filling, all you’ll need is some cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to whip up this holiday meal.

When it comes to pie crust, feel free to use your family’s favorite recipe — or save some time and go for a pre-made option. The star of the tourtiere is truly the filling, so if you’re worried about your baking skills, a ready-made crust will do just the trick.


Romania’s national dish makes for a holiday staple

Sarmale is a classic dish made up of ground pork, rice and herbs all rolled together in baked cabbage leaves. Usually, these Romanian cabbage rolls are mostly made in winter, as they serve as a hearty side for the holiday table alongside polenta and hot peppers.

Although the prep work can take some time, with everyone at home this can be the perfect chance to line up your kitchen helpers. Give everyone a station to work at as you put together your cabbage rolls and get them ready to go in your cast iron pan or dutch oven. Eat as is or add a dollop of sour cream on top as you dive into your holiday meal!

We recommend shopping ahead for this dish. Not only will this help you beat the holiday crowds at the grocery store, but sarmale also includes some ingredients you may not already have in your cabinets, such as sauerkraut and fresh dill. However, for all the work that goes into this dish, the rich flavor is sure to pay off.

Find your family’s new tradition

All it takes is one delicious meal for your family to discover your new holiday go-to. Or make it a tradition to try a new dish every time you get together! The best meals are the ones that are shared. And always remember that your only limit is your imagination, so keep exploring. The adventure starts at home!