Cooking with the Family

Dec 06, 2021 / MIN READ

When everyone in the family is operating on a different schedule, it can feel impossible to sit down and carve out some quality time together. However, there are a few hours of the day you can set aside to slow down and enjoy one another’s company over a delicious meal: dinner time.

Whether you make family dinner a nightly routine or a weekly tradition, these delicious pork dishes will help you bring everyone in the kitchen.

Cookout-approved BBQ pork burgers

It’s hard to pass down a juicy burger, especially one as delicious as these BBQ pork patties.

This recipe brings a little extra kick to your standard burgers by mixing ground pork with cheddar cheese, garlic, red onion and BBQ sauce to create a patty that speaks for itself. Once your mix is ready, all that’s left is to form and cook up your patties.

As your designated grill master mans their station, everyone can chip in by setting the table with and taking out their favorite toppings. Go all in on burger night with a side of crispy fries, or enjoy with a baked potato and some fresh greens.

A juicy marinated pork loin

Some nights, just getting everyone to sit down at the same time can be a challenge. When that happens, look no further than a pre-marinated tenderloin or roast.

A perfect complement between two bold, classic flavors, a Garlic Mustard loin offers a traditional combination that the whole family will love. Or, go with a Texas dry rub to bring all the flavors of your favorite smokehouse to your very own kitchen.

Once you pop your tenderloin in the oven, all that’s left is to serve with your favorite sides. Keep things extra simple with a low-fuss salad and a can of green beans, so you can spend time making sure nothing over cooks and more time with your family.


Bring fun back into the kitchen with ham cutouts

While you can’t always play with your food, there’s hardly a better time than these ham cutouts. Dinner really can’t get much easier — or more fun.

All you need is two packs of ham steaks and your favorite cookie cutters. From there, preheat your oven and go to town dicing up dinner into different shapes and sizes. When you’re done cutting out your shapes, all that’s left is to place them on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven.

As your ham cooks, prepare your family’s favorite macaroni and cheese, whether it’s from a box or made from scratch. For younger children, this can also serve as a great opportunity to let them get some experience in the kitchen under adult supervision.

Slow down and enjoy the meal

No matter which recipe you cook up for dinner tonight, the most important thing is that your family is able to spend time together. If that means some nights involve a little less cooking and a lot more laughing around the table, then you’ve picked the perfect dish.