Fire Up the ‘Cue at Home

Jul 22, 2021 / MIN READ

Few culinary creations are better suited to summer holidays and gatherings than barbecue, so fire up those grills with one of these five favorite styles!

When it comes to barbecue, meat cuts, sauces, rubs and wood type preferences can all create their own flavor adventure for your taste buds.

When we asked our very own Chef Jenny Moyer Murphy, she characterizes the most popular regional styles as:

  • Texas barbecue emphasizes dry rubs consisting of salt and pepper, with most of the flavor derived from the type of wood used.
  • Kansas City barbecue accentuates tomato-based sauces that often incorporate molasses.
  • Memphis barbecue relies on dry rubs featuring up to 40 spices.
  • Carolina barbecue is nuanced. Eastern Carolina barbecue uses a vinegar and spice mop or sauce, Western Carolina features a tangy combination of ketchup and vinegar, and South Carolina-style barbecue is known for its mustard-based sauces.
  • Alabama barbecue highlights a white sauce incorporating mayonnaise, vinegar and pepper.

Of course, behind every good smoked meat is a deliberate choice of wood. Mesquite and hickory are longtime favorites, but Chef Jen says apple and maple have become trendy.

No need to travel to tap into these amazing varieties. Hatfield Touch of Sea Salt Dry Rubbed Loin Filet is the perfect canvas to create your own BBQ Adventure at Home!

Stay tuned for more insight into the four types of Texas barbecue in an upcoming addition.