The Essential Ingredients to Endless Possibilities

Dec 18, 2019 / MIN READ

It’s no secret that great meals start with great ingredients. Bring life to your next meal with ingredients that make prep easy and enjoyable. Cooking will become less of a chore and more of an exciting time to come together and explore the possibilities of food with the people you love. Even if you get started with one of our many delicious recipes, you’ll soon find yourself tweaking and adapting them to your own individual tastes.

What’s cookin’ in your kitchen tonight?

Friday night dinner … skip the takeout! Try a mouthwatering Italian Sausage Flatbread With Mascarpone Cheese by browning up some of our Hot Italian Ground Sausage. The slices will fly off the table.

Game day? Consider whipping up a savory Chorizo Cheese Dip using our Chorizo Ground Sausage.



From appetizers to the star of the table, these simple, flavorful, essential ingredients will help inspire something truly original. So, next time you’re at the store looking for inspiration, pick up Hatfield® Recipe Essentials® ground sausage and explore the endless possibilities.