7 Sausage Appetizers to Make a Lasting Impression at Your Next Party

Feb 28, 2023 / MIN READ


There is nothing better than gathering your friends and family for a memorable get-together, complete with games, good times and even better food. But whether you’re hosting the party or just a guest who wants to bring something for everyone else to snack on, it can be hard to find the ideal recipe for every occasion. If this is your concern, you’ve found yourself in the right place because we’ve got some of our favorite ground sausage appetizer recipes to share.

Making Appetizers For Friends and Family

Regardless of the occasion, everyone is going to be excited to dig into a tasty sausage bite while visiting and having a good time with the other guests. No matter if it’s the big game day or you are celebrating for another reason, your friends and family will be excited when you show up with some delicious little morsels.

Not only are appetizers easy to eat because of their bite-sized nature, but they are also relatively simple to make. With the right ingredients — savory ground pork being one of them — you can whip something up in no time that party guests can delight in.

7 Sausage Appetizer Recipes to Try

First, grab some of our yummy Hatfield® ground pork at your local grocery store and choose one of the following sure-to-please appetizers for your next get-together:

Recipe 1: Italian Sausage and Cheese Dip
This delicious option only takes about 20 minutes to make, which is ideal for a last-minute appetizer. The Italian sausage and cheese dip is a versatile dish because you can pair it with a variety of food items like chips, mini sausage links, crostinis, crackers or a sliced baguette. If you have more than four people to feed, the recipe is easily doubled or even tripled if you are headed to a larger gathering.

Recipe 2: Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
When it comes to making a crowd favorite, stuffed portabella mushrooms can do no wrong. They may take slightly longer to make, but the result is a mouthwatering snack that will be the center of attention at any party.

Hatfield Recipe Essentials® Sweet Italian Ground Sausage with cheese and mushrooms are a match made in heaven. Keep in mind that you can tailor this recipe to your needs by using another kind of mushroom, like the smaller Cremini Italian Brown if you want an appetizer that is more bite-sized.

Recipe 3: Cheesy Sausage Pull Apart Pizza Bread
Think classic pizza restaurant cheesy bread, but amped up 100 notches with our easy-to-use Recipe Essentials® Sausage. Between ½ lb. Recipe Essentials® Sweet Italian Sausage and ½ lb. Recipe Essentials® Hot Italian Sausage, you can easily prepare the protein portion of this appetizer. With a little more effort and time, you can create a dish that will have guests asking, “Who made that?!”

Bread, cheese and cooked sausage are a classic combination that everyone loves, especially when the pizza bread is served with marinara sauce on the side.

Recipe 4: Pork Sausage Meatballs
Another classic appetizer recipe, pork sausage meatballs are another popular appetizer that is easy to transport, no matter where you’re headed. This snack calls for Hatfield Recipe Essentials® Sweet Italian Ground Sausage, an egg, onion, breadcrumbs, milk, parmesan cheese and marinara. This sausage mixture is a great foundation for the meatball and has more attractive nutrition information then if you used ground beef.

After searing it on the stovetop, the pork sausage meatballs are ready to serve with warmed marinara sauce. Remember that you can pair them with other sauces as well, and feel free to personalize the appetizer to what you or your party guests will like the most.

Recipe 5Italian Sliders
There’s nothing like settling into the couch with your friends to watch a movie or an exciting sports game with a yummy slider in hand. Make the patties with Italian ground sausage, and the experience is suddenly elevated. In only 30 minutes and a little medium heat, you can craft an appetizer that pleases everyone in attendance.

Our recipe calls for provolone, a red pepper, basil leaves and a special herb mayo. If you like another kind of cheese, like cheddar cheese, or want more toppings, create your own version of our dish. Grilling is a fun way to cook and you should use our recipes as inspiration to begin your own cooking adventure.

Recipe 6: Chorizo Egg Rolls
This creative dish is easy to make and incorporates 1 lb. Hatfield Recipe Essentials® Chorizo. Egg rolls are also simple to transport and eat, making them the perfect finger food for all occasions. They’re also fun to display on the appetizer table and are sure to attract hungry hands. The dish is the ideal fried food that also incorporates fresh vegetables for the perfect flavor combination.

Recipe 7: Spinach Bites with Italian Sausage
Another finger food that serves a large number of people, these spinach bites use Italian sausage in a fun way. Because it’s relatively easy to make, you can have fun preparing them with your family or friends before the actual party starts. We all know the real party is in the kitchen, and the guests will be shocked at your cooking creativity. This recipe is another one that is easy to customize and double if you are serving more than ten attendees.

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

When headed to a party or any kind of gathering, it’s always good to bring a side dish or an appetizer. And if you are hosting the get-together, you want to have enough food to serve your guests. While this may seem like a large order, making a memorable bite-sized item is more simple than you might think.

For example, our Recipe Essentials® make it easy to incorporate protein into the dish. We cut out the need to season your pork — because we’ve already done it for you. You’ll be left with plenty of time to spend with your friends and family.

You can also take any recipe that you like and customize it to your particular needs. Whether that be the number of people you need to feed or your particular tastes, feel free to let your creativity fly in the kitchen.

Take Your Party Appetizers to the Next Level With Help From Hatfield®

Bring the heat to your next party with the most delicious appetizers at the get-together. You don’t have to do this alone, and with a little assistance from Hatfield®, you won’t have to worry about what to bring. When on your next grocery run, add Hatfield® pork products to your list to elevate your appetizer game!