30-Minute Pork and Sweet Potato Chili for Fall

Oct 03, 2023 / MIN READ

With fall right around the corner, you're likely in search of your next great meal for friends and family. For a dish that everyone will be sure to enjoy, look no further than pork and sweet potato chili! A nourishing bowl of chili packed with flavorful and healthy ingredients might be just what you need to stay warm as the days get colder. With so many options to make this delicious dish uniquely your own, you simply can't go wrong.

We're taking a closer look at the steps to cook your sweet potato chili with pork with ease and other helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Finding your next mealtime adventure this fall

Chili is always a popular choice, whether you're just cooking for your family or hosting guests. The dish is incredibly versatile, so you can take any standard recipe and modify it however you like to ensure that you, your family and all your guests will love it.

As the chilly days and crisp air of fall start to stick around, there may be no better time for this heartwarming and comforting dish. And while you might traditionally associate sweet potato chili with chicken or beef, you can give this fun recipe a twist with pork instead. Let's dig into this quick and simple chili recipe — for an unforgettable mealtime adventure.

How to make pork and sweet potato chili

Whether you're a novice cook or an experienced chef, our favorite chili recipe is easy to prepare and made with simple ingredients. Keep in mind that the ingredients and recipe for this dish can easily be adjusted or substituted for whatever you prefer!

Ingredients to gather before you get started

  • Recipe Essentials Ground Pork.
  • Red or green onion.
  • Garlic.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Olive oil.
  • Worcestershire sauce or hot sauce.
  • Black beans.
  • Tomatoes or tomato paste.
  • Cumin.

Once you've collected your ingredients, you're ready to get started. To get this meal on your table or served to your houseguests quickly, we recommend using an Instant Pot to cook your delicious and savory dish.

Steps to cook your pork and sweet potato chili to perfection

  1. Prepare your ingredients: First, you'll need to dice your green or red onion, mince the garlic and peel and dice your sweet potatoes.
  2. Set your Instant Pot: Now, set your Instant Pot or multi-cooker to sauté.
  3. Add your first set of ingredients: With your cooker prepared to sauté, add olive oil and your diced red or green onion.
  4. Stir: At this point, you can stir your first set of ingredients.
  5. Add the rest of your ingredients: Then, add your minced garlic and blended pork, stirring until the pork browns. After this, you can add Worcestershire sauce or your preferred hot sauce, diced sweet potatoes, black beans, crushed tomatoes or tomato paste and cumin.
  6. Stir well.
  7. Reset your Instant Pot: Lastly, set your multi-cooker to high pressure with a cook time of 10 minutes.
  8. Serve and enjoy: After 10 minutes, voila! Serve and enjoy your pork and sweet potato chili with friends and family.
Sliced sweet potatoes sit on a tableSteps to cook your pork and sweet potato chili to perfection.

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Preparing this dish in a crock pot
Don't have an Instant Pot or multi-cooker to help you prepare your dish? No problem! A crock pot or slow cooker will certainly do the trick. Here are a few quick steps you can follow to cook your pork and sweet potato chili using a slow cooker:

  1. Steam the sweet potatoes: Place your sweet potatoes in a microwave-safe bowl and toss them with two tablespoons of water. Cook them in the microwave for two to three minutes until they're slightly tender to the touch.
  2. Cook the meat and onions: Using a skillet, brown the ground pork and sauté the onions.
  3. Place ingredients in the slow cooker: Place both the cooked ingredients and the remaining ingredients in your crock pot and mix them together.
  4. Let cook: You can cook your chili on high for one to two hours or on low-medium heat for two to three hours.

A few tips and tricks to keep in mind

Life can get busy and this dish is so delicious, you'll likely want to enjoy it more than once. That's why it can be a great idea to double up the recipe and freeze half of your results — so you can enjoy a warm and comforting dinner on a busy weeknight. Be sure to let your dish cool completely before placing it in an air-tight, freezer-safe container.

Storing and reheating

  • Storing: Be sure to let your dish cool completely, then transfer your sweet potato chili into an air-tight, freezer-safe container or Ziplock bag. You can refrigerate your dish for up to a week.
  • Freezing: After your chili is cooled and secure in its container or bag, you can lay your chili flat in the freezer — to help you save space — and freeze for up to six months!
  • Reheating: To reheat your chili dish, you can place it in the microwave until it's hot. Or, place the chili in a pot on the stovetop over medium heat and reheat until fully warmed through. If your chili gets a bit thicker while sitting in the fridge, you can add a little vegetable broth to thin it out.

Additional ingredients to consider

  • Meat: For an extra kick, you can use half ground pork and half hot ground Italian sausage. There are a host of other meat options to consider as well, including ground beef and ground turkey.
  • Vegetables: In addition to the ingredients listed, you might consider adding bell pepper, cauliflower, zucchini or carrots for an even healthier meal that's nutrient-dense.
  • Flavor: To achieve a bit of a different flavor, you can modify the recipe with Adobo sauce, chipotle pepper or paprika.

Bringing your pork and sweet potato chili to the next level with help from Hatfield

This fall, pork and sweet potato chili is an irresistible option for any occasion with family and friends — or no occasion at all! This comforting dish will be the perfect way to stay warm on even the chilliest days and is sure to make the whole family feel good.

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