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From our family to yours.

We started delivering quality pork to Pennsylvania families before the roads had cars. We started as a family business built right here in America, and we’re still American-owned. Since our very beginnings—when John C. Clemens was selling fresh pork at farmers’ markets in Philadelphia—we’ve always focused on producing wholesome, flavorful products that make mealtimes easier. Because that gives families more time together.

Our products are simple. Simple to cook, simple to enjoy. They include classic family favorites like hams, hot dogs, and sausages. They also include less-standard choices—ones full of flavor, like our boldly seasoned tenderloins and our triple smoked, extra thick cut bacon. Classic or creative, familiar or new, we only ever have one goal in mind: to bring our customers pork that is simply delicious.


A long history of good business.

John and Susie Clemens

The Beginning

Right around the turn of the 20th century, well over 100 years ago—John C. Clemens started taking his wagon from his farm in Mainland, Pennsylvania, to sell pork products in Philadelphia.

By the early 1900s, John and his wife Susie were head of a growing business and a growing family that included four thriving sons. What started with occasional trips to farmers’ markets became twice-weekly deliveries to distributors, then expanded with routes into Allentown and Philadelphia. As the Clemens’ sons grew, they joined the business, too.


CFG Main Entrance


By the time the company celebrated 100 years in business, the Clemens’ family business was doing much more than just delivering quality pork to local families. So by 2010, we reorganized all our many functions under the Clemens Food Group—a customer solutions company that includes branches dedicated to farming, transportation, and of course, the distribution of quality pork products.

Brad Clemens


But even after 125 years in business, our flagship brand, Hatfield®, is still doing the same thing John started with all those years ago: producing delicious, quality pork for family tables. Today, run by 5th generation family member Brad Clemens, President.


Not only do we have a passion for the work we do, we have a passion for the people we work with.

We wouldn’t have made it 125 years without the people that made it possible. That’s why we treat every member of our team with commitment, care, and respect. It’s also why we ensure good working conditions, modern equipment, fair wages, and competitive benefits.

We are proud to be an integral part of the Clemens Food Group—a family-owned company that specializes in delivering solutions that make our customers’ lives easier.

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